Best Thing About Studded Tires

Studded tires were recently in the news for quite a lot of reason. They have been in usage, especially during the winter. Studded tires are used in areas that are snow clad and where it is hard to find a path. In order to face the winter season with ease and to have a convenient driving experience, it is important to switch to winter tires. Changing to winter tires is a wise option and it is always much better than the all season ones.

Studded tires come with small metal made studs that are fixed in a pattern over the tread designs in them. It is known to provide for a better commuting experience through the ice and the stud offers better traction through the roads. Here are few things to note if you are planning to mount studded tires on your car,

Check for legality of usage

Some of the countries have banned the usage of studded tires and using such tire type is considered to be illegal. The reason behind the ban is the fact that the studs in the car damage the roads to a great extent. So, if you are planning to get studded tires, make sure that the usage is allowed in the country you intend to use it. If you use it without proper authorization, then you are sure to face severe consequences and penalties as a result of it.

Install 4 studded tires

Many people go with two studded tires and two normal tires mostly. If you have decided to use studded tires, the best would be to go for 4. It is to be understood that studded tires on all the 4 sides will provide for better traction and also offer ultimate control over the vehicle. In case of only 2, there may not be enough control when on the road and there is always the danger of losing control over ice or snow.

Go for high quality studded tires

It is necessary that you go with high quality studded tires since cheap quality ones will cause damage to the vehicle or car in which it is fixed. Remember, car tires act as the very base upon which the performance and durability of the car lies. If you want to save money and go for cheaper tires, then you are risking your safety. Buying cheaper ones will actually cost you a lot more in the long run as you need to keep replacing them every now and then.

Both studded as well as non-studded tires are doing really well and it is important that you pay sufficient time, energy and money into finding an apt one for your purpose. Right from safety, security to reliability – good studded tires will be your best choice.

On the whole, using the right kind of studded tires will surely offer the best driving experience. Make sure that you check if they are applicable in your area.

How To Paint Plastic Car Parts

We tackle the most common fix in the industry. You know when you see those ugly faded plastic bumpers right? Well, we’re going to show you how to paint plastic car parts so you can make your project look a LOT better!There are 3 ways to fix this kind of eye sore.

1. You can try to scrub them with some car soap or degreaser and wash the oxidation off.

2. You can buy a solution they sell (like a basic rubbing compound) which works well, and just rub it out. Some ppl use peanut butter! I personally think that’s a little wacky but whatever floats your boat. I’d rather use come compound. the same compound that you’d use to buff your car.

3. If the bumper really looks bad (Paint It!).

That’s what we’ve decided to do in the 7 minute video above.

Keep in mind that this job was a QUCKIE. We didn’t bother to fill in the minor scratches with glaze putty that were on the rear bumper cover. Good thing. Because I found out that the truck was backed into something a week later and got ruffed up even more.

The first step to painting plastic parts is to properly clean your plastic. I prefer lacquer thinner.

REMEMBER: there us a difference between ‘paint thinner and ‘lacquer thinner’. You want to use lacquer thinner. Next, pick some cans of SEM bumper coater. It’s good stuff and they also have a formula now where you don’t need to worry about adhesion promoter (stuff to put on the plastic so your paint sticks).

Mask. Take your time and do a good job. Prep is the most important part of painting. If you do a crapy job masking, the job will look like hell.

You can lightly wet sand your plastic with 600 grit if you wish but I wouldn’t go any courser. The bumper paint is thin and you may have problems covering. As long as your parts are washed well with lacquer thinner you’re safe to paint directly on your plastic bumper.

Spray 2-3 coats or until full coverage and that’s basically it.

Hope you enjoyed this post. Feel free to comment and share this post. We would love to hear back from you!

Why GPS is the Best Device to Install in Your Car

If you are quite often traveling in and around your city or even outside, the first thing which you need to do is buy your car a Global Point System or GPS navigation system. In this manner, you will be able to get through many areas easily, about which you just do not have the familiarity. GPS is designed to offer practical driving routes so that you are able to make your driving easier and comfortable and sideline the traffic. If you are really interested to get out of huge traffic snarl ups or if you are really serious about making the right option for traveling, GPS would indeed be the first thing which will make your day and get you through easily. Today many of high modeled cars are offering state of the art GPS systems which lend practical orientation to the people. You will have better options to get around as much as you will be enjoying traveling.

There are different types of GPS systems which are available and installed into the car. Some of the GPS systems are made for elementary purposes, whereas, other ones are advanced versions which are extensively used for a more comfortable ride. The high end car model designed by Mitsubishi, or Nissan, or BMW or Peugeot is indeed recommended for safe and balanced driving. With smart and sophisticated GPS systems, definitely, you will not be waiting out there in huge traffic and wasting your fuel. With GPS installed in your car, it becomes easy to locate store locations, restaurants and gas stations and all the more get through the store which is the nearest one your current location. If the situation is really an emergency one, it would be a great idea to immediately spot the nearest route and hospitals. GPS in is helpful in more than one way. It will help you to search route to a specific terminus, search specific point of interest and the gadget will calculate the route to get you there.

Some of the prominent GPS used in high modeled cars include Nissan DVD GPS, BMW DVD GPS, Mitsubishi DVD GPS, and Peugeot DVD GPS. All you need to do is check for the best options that otherwise meet your perspective. You have to be a sire about making the choice of a right GPS system which meets your car driving requirements and ultimately bring the real difference. Finally, look for the best price shopping. The high-end GPS models are available at low prices and include FM radio receiver of traffic information announcements, Bluetooth connectivity on PDA phone gadgets, weather forecasting, internet and much more.

Amazing Features of Car DVD Player

There are many professional models lying in the affordable range of the 1 Din Car DVD players both on wholesale as well as retail. Presently there are different kinds of players especially designed for cars. Among these different models are there like the one with high quality playing features and superb sound quality. In addition to this, there are also different price ranges available in the DVD players. If you want to buy them on wholesale prices, then there is a specific market for that. There are different companies offering a fabulous and affordable range of the DVD players for cars in market.

There are different variations and models available for the car DVD players. Other than the class 1 Din Car DVD there are many other modifications and altogether new systems available for the layers like the 2 Din DVD players for cars. Other than this, the GPS DVD player is also available in the market. The major purpose of the manufacturers of 1 Din Car DVD players is that they are committed to providing excellently working and the most reliable devices which are not only good and satisfactory in functioning but also durable and long lasting.

Among all the major kinds of players used and installed in cars, the most favorite are the ones manufactured and assembled in China. The DVD production market of China is flourishing by leaps and bounds and it has been the most successful wholesale as well as retail market introducing some of the latest and upgraded models of the car DVD players.

Another amazing feature of this player is that you can choose the logo design of your choice to be set on the open unit. There are already designed 45 car logos saved in the player. Other than providing entertainment, this DVD player has also got the sensor qualities, the built in accelerometer sensor in this device is very useful for sensing the speed modulations and fluctuations. If you want to use it at night, there is a florescent button with blue light to be used at night as well.

The customers are always welcomed in the customers support centers of our company to get their queries resolved about the working of these car dvd players especially designed for cars. There are some specifications of Car Decorations model which make it fit to be used inside the cars. The screen size is highly suitable for the DVD player to be fitted inside the cars. It has the 7 inches large screen. There is a touch screen mode in the player and the amazing thing is that its front panel can also be detached to avoid and discourage any kind of theft.